Project Planning, Development and Management

Project Planning, Development and Management

This training is designed for practitioners who are or would be involved in the planning and implementation of development projects and programs. Typical participants include those from non-governmental organizations, developmental institutions and international organizations, especially: project analysts and specialists, project implementation officers, project supervisors and managers, and development administrators.

In the development fields, the project managers/ team leaders always try to achieve project goal and objectives within the timeframe and budget considering context, compliance and accountability. This 2 days training will help the above personnel to better understand the project/program planning and management. Subsequently it also helps them how to apply techniques to run smoothly project operations.

Training Objectives:
• To broaden and deepen the knowledge and skills in project planning and implementation;
• To gain in-depth understanding of concepts, theory and approaches to the entire project management cycle and
• To increase the technical competence in project formulation, appraisal, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

Outcome of Training:
After the training participant will learn:
a) Understand Project cycle, formulation and its feasibility;
b) Conduct stakeholder analysis; problem analysis and Logframe;
c) Perform technical, stakeholder and Organizational Analysis; SIA and EIA;
d) Knowledge and skill on Implementation issues; Monitoring and Evaluation; project closing; completion report;
e) Manage project teams and team building;
f) Knowledge of Bangladesh development perspective, role of different stakeholders and program sustainability.Contents of Training:

1. Planning and development

2. Project and Program, Project Types

3. MDG, Sustainable Development Goals and ADP

4. Stakeholder Analysis and Problem Analysis

5. Organizational Analysis and Technical Analysis

6. Social Impact Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment

7. Sensitivity Analysis

8. Local Level Planning

9. Project Cycle

10. Project Management

11. Project Management Process

12. Project Financing

13. Resource Mobilization and Tapping into Potentials

14. Logical Framework, Result Framework and Theory of Change

15. Leadership and Role of Project Manager

16. Team Work

17. Knowledge Management

18. Project Monitoring and Evaluation

19. Project Closeout and Completion report