Administration & Logistics Management

Administration and Logistics is a field that has evolved to a science in its own right. Now more than ever, it is crucial to use our resources effectively and minimize non value-adding movement of goods in the supply chain. Due to Supply Chain complexities and cost pressures, it is absolutely crucial to keep the minimum amount of cash tied up in inventory and the distribution network, while satisfying the customer to the maximum.

This workshop will provide you insight into the thinking, and help you gather the best-practice tools and techniques to do this. By understanding the tools available, the obstacles in the process and the outcomes that can be expected, you can stay ahead of the pressure that is part and parcel of the job of being a logistics manager.

Objectives of the workshop
Understanding the state-of-the-art in Administration & Logistics Management and its implications for all levels in your organization – from CEO to Traffic Supervisor

Introduction to processes used in Logistics Management, including outsourcing, network design and distribution centre management

A walk through of what logistics managers and planners need to know to understand the benefits of good Logistics Management, tools and resources required to achieve significant savings on inventory cost while keeping high customer service.

Identify key elements of customer service and design the most profitable network.

Discussion around what currently happens in business and the challenges the participants have come across.

Collaborate with other managers in: supply chain and materials management, transportation and distribution, purchasing and inventory management.