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What is the quality and cost of life in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada?
James Linn
James Linn, lived in Ottawa, ON
Written May 21
You have asked many many questions about cost of living in Ontario cities. I suggest you do some digging here: Cost of Living in Canada. I really enjoyed living in Ottawa. It … Read More »
What is the difference between PHP and Node.js?
Jason Norwood-Young
Jason Norwood-Young, Building websites since 1996.
Written Jul 19, 2013
Both PHP and Node.js run server-side, and both are viable choices for building websites. But there are core differences between them. First off, one is not better than the… Read More »
Which is correct: “Two-thirds of the class is/are absent.”?
Adam Helps
Adam Helps, first language is South African English, my second is American English.
Written May 25
“Of the class” is a prepositional phrase describing the thirds, so ignore that. The question is whether the subject being described is singular or plural. The subject is “th… Read More »
Why are Canadians not distinguishable by their accent?
Sean Young
Sean Young, Long-term resident
Updated Wed
The running joke is that only way to tell an American from a Canadian is to ask a Canadian. Most Americans are unable to pick out an Anglophone Canadian purely from speech a… Read More »
Has your entire class ever failed a curved test on purpose so that nobody had to study?
Bob James
Bob James
Updated Jan 27
I had a friend whose entire class took a test but deliberately got 0 as the teacher said that the top 5% get As, the top 20% get Bs, and so on, but he also said that if you… Read More »
What is the best place to learn JavaScript from scratch to pro all in one?
Eze Sunday Eze
Eze Sunday Eze, Freelance writer | Web Developer (2016-present)
Written May 18

Beau Carnes of freeCodeCamp, just released a free JavaScript video series. I think this is one of the best. The best part is that, it’s completely free. He covered from bas… Read More »
How similar is Ruby on Rails to Laravel?
Fabio Akita
Fabio Akita, I’m the co-founder of a Rails shop in Brazil (CM42). I organize Rubyconf Brazil.
Written Wed
I’d say it’s the opposite. How close to Rails is Laravel? Laravel is probably the 3rd big attempt to create a Rails-like framework in PHP. CakePHP and Code Igniter attempte… Read More »
How can I become a very good programmer?
Paul Kolozsvari
Paul Kolozsvari, worked at Motorola
Written May 25
Firstly, I’ll tell you what you shouldn’t do to become a good programmer. No matter what anybody tells you, if you spend too much time doing any of the following things it … Read More »
Are there any bad things about Toronto Canada?
Ellen Fleischer
Ellen Fleischer, lives in Toronto, ON
Written May 22
No place is perfect. Toronto is an expensive city to live in, compared to most other Canadian cities. (I think Vancouver is the only place moreso.) Parking downtown is price… Read More »
The Higgs Boson gives a particle mass, but what gives a particle its electrical charge?
Viktor T. Toth
Viktor T. Toth, IT pro, part-time physicist
Updated Apr 8
Actually, electric charge and rest mass due to Higgs have very similar causes. Some particles (not all!) acquire their effective rest masses because they interact with the H… Read More »