Canada Study expense less than USA

If you are referring to undergraduate studies at a university, then, generally, “yes” (by a lot, especially at current exchange rates). The rate for Quebec residents attending university in Quebec is extremely inexpensive compared to typical USA rates; rates for Canadian residents attending school in any province in Canada are also very favourable when compared to US schools, even in-state rates.

Rates for foreign students in Canada are generally much less than those for foreign students in the USA. Note that in the US, “foreign” means both out-of-state and those from other countries.

However, US schools have much more money available in terms of scholarships than do Canadian schools. Depending on your need, academic skill, or athletic skill, tuition at US schools can be reduced dramatically, even to zero. Students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds can attend “brand” schools such as Stanford on full scholarships, assuming that they qualify academically. This is significantly more common in the USA than Canada.

Rates for graduate schools in Canada vary by program, e.g. medical vs business vs engineering. While still less expensive than the US, they can increase considerably vs. undergraduate study.

If you are from a typical middle-class or higher background, Canada will be cheaper, with similar quality, plus or minus depending on the specific schools being compared.