Canadian citizen for 25 years.

Engr Mostafijur Rahman
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Do people immigrate to Canada just because of free healthcare?

Sam Arora

Sam Arora, 30+years experience as food scientist, QC/QA managerial and executive postions
Written Jun 6

Nothing is free in Canada or for that matter in any country:

No Sir/Madam: Please do not live in this illusion, that it is “free” it looks like it is free, Money does not gr…

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What is your favorite love scene in a movie?

Raakhee V. Menon

Raakhee V. Menon, Selective movie watcher
Written May 15

No second thoughts for sharing three of my all-time favorites here…

Hannah: Take off your shirt.

Jacob: Why?

Hannah: Please can you take off your shirt, ’cause I can’t stop th…

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What is the best place to live in Canada?

John Manzo

John Manzo, American emigrant, proud citizen of Canada, professor of Sociology.
Written Tue

You IMMIGRATE. You do not “move” to a foreign country.

You’ll never get a permanent resident visa by being unskilled. And you’ll never get a job of any description- even as …

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What are some psychological hacks to practice self-control to work hard and focus?

Eric Kaisen

Eric Kaisen, Truth Seeker
Updated Wed

The ONLY Psychological Hack You Need To Know To Work Hard

Do you want to know the one thing separating you apart from those who can work 14 hours a day like its nothing?


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If all the ice in the Antarctica melts, which countries in the world will be entirely covered in water?

Jake Kim

Jake Kim
Written Jun 1

Antarctica is the biggest ice sheet in the world. It holds 61% of all freshwater in the world, which would be equivalent to 58 meters in sea level rise

Netherlands is comple…

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If the United States invaded Canada would the rest of the Commonwealth react?

Scott Welch

Scott Welch, American by birth, Canadian by choice.
Written Apr 30

If the United States invaded Canada would the rest of the Commonwealth react?

Oh, definitely. They’d pour a few nice tall ones, slap their legs, and say “Ha! This ought to b…

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What are some Hollywood movies that are a 10/10 but that very few people have heard about?

Eric M. Van

Eric M. Van, Sees 100+ new films a year, hosts or attends two weekly screening/discussions
Updated May 6

Most of the movies mentioned in other answers are actually reasonably well-known, or are great movies with admittedly limited appeal. Some are movies that the poster loves …

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Why are American high schools so low-quality?

Justina Chua

Justina Chua, studies at A High School (2020)
Written Jun 6
  • They don’t focus on education. High schools put such a heavy emphasis on participating in many extracurricular activities and sports, and colleges highly value these. Other…

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What do Canadians think of Prime Minister Trudeau?

Jeremy Glenesk

Jeremy Glenesk, Canadian citizen for 25 years.
Written Jun 4

This would be like asking what Americans think of Donald Trump.

Opinions vary wildly depending on who you ask, and what part of the country. There are people in Canada who a…

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