HR Planning

HR Planning

Organizations wishing to become more efficient, productive and profitable must organize their work and their information management in a manner that will promote these goals. This necessarily means that the organizations must undergo change: in the design and organization of the work to be performed; in the technology used to perform this work; and, finally in the organization, selection, management and training of the Human Resources to perform the work.

To be effective, an integrated strategy and approach to managing change with respect to Work, Technology and People is essential to success.Contents of Training:

1. Explain human resources planning (or HR planning).

2. Describe how human resource planning is linked to overall strategic planning.

3. Differentiate between strategic human resource planning and human resource planning.

4. Explain what workforce analysis is.

5. Suggest some ways of making human resource planning more effective.

6. Identify which human resource functions need to be planned.

7. Let you know if human resource planning is only relevant to large companies or should small businesses do HR planning too.

8. Suggest a process to use for human resource planning. Describe the local labor market supply and demand factors that influence HR Planning.

9. Explain how Training and Staff Development Fit With Human Resources Planning.

10. Discuss how HR Planning is linked to Career Management & Succession Planning.