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Top new questions this week:

this is Sparta, or is it?

The following is an interview question. I came up with a solution, but I’m not sure why it works. Question: Without modifying the Sparta class, write some code that makes MakeItReturnFalse return …

c# inheritance types namespaces
asked by budi 56 votes
answered by Jon Skeet 59 votes

.NET Standard vs .NET Core

I have read about the difference between .NET Standard and .NET Core but really I don’t know what the difference is, or when to choose a .NET Standard library project and when to choose a .NET Core …

.net .net-core .net-standard
asked by Álvaro García 51 votes
answered by Jon Skeet 66 votes

Is list better than vector when we need to store “the last n items”?

There are a lot of questions which suggest that one should always use a vector, but it seems to me that a list would be better for the scenario, where we need to store “the last n items” For example, …

c++ c++11 fifo buffering data-stream
asked by Kaizer Sozay 31 votes
answered by Taemyr 78 votes
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Why do gcc and clang each produce different output for this program? (conversion operator vs constructor)

program: #include <stdio.h> struct bar_t { int value; template<typename T> bar_t (const T& t) : value { t } {} // edit: You can uncomment these if your compiler …

c++ gcc clang language-lawyer compiler-bug
asked by verb_noun 28 votes
answered by bames53 14 votes

Can I use operator == if I only implemented operator < in C++?

I have implemented operator < for a certain object. Logically, if !(a < b) and !(b < a) it means a == b. Does C++ infer this automatically? Can I use == if I only implemented <?

c++ operator-overloading
asked by Eyzuky 26 votes
answered by InternetAussie 35 votes

Android Studio 3.0 Canary 1 – Unable to find method ‘

Trying to start a new Kotlin project with Android Studio 3.0 Canary 1 displays this error. Full trace: Error:Unable to find method …

android-studio kotlin
asked by Josh Laird 26 votes
answered by Josh Laird 58 votes

How to use Data Binding and Kotlin in Android Studio 3.0.0

I just started to use Android Studio 3.0.0, but every time I try to build my project I get this error: Error:Circular dependency between the following tasks: :app:compileDebugKotlin +— …

android android-studio kotlin android-databinding
asked by Leandro Borges Ferreira24 votes
answered by hotkey 28 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I delete a Git branch both locally and remotely?

I want to delete a branch both locally and on my remote project fork on GitHub. Failed Attempts to Delete Remote Branch $ git branch -d remotes/origin/bugfix error: branch ‘remotes/origin/bugfix’ …

git git-branch git-remote
asked by Matthew Rankin 10395 votes
answered by Matthew Rankin12784 votes

How to horizontally center a <div> in another <div>?

How can I horizontally center a <div> within another <div> using CSS (if it’s even possible)? The outer <div> has width:100%: <div id=”outer” style=”width:100%”> …

html css alignment
asked by Lukas 3003 votes
answered by Justin Poliey 3402 votes

Can you answer these?

When will an MVC ExceptionFilter be executed vs the application-level error handler?

I have a custom exception FilterAttribute such as the following: [AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Class | AttributeTargets.Method, AllowMultiple = true)] public sealed class …

c# model-view-controller
asked by obaylis 5 votes

In which branch should I build a docker image?

We have a react project that is based on react-static-boilerplate which will follow git DMZ flow and will make use of docker images. Does the build in git dmz flow pertains to yarn build? Since …

git reactjs docker
asked by legnoban 5 votes

Git pull over SSH – Repository not found. HTTPS works

Git pull over ssh does not work for one of private repositories of my organization. ➜ player2-js git:(master) git remote set-url origin ➜ player2-js …