Leadership at Workplace

Leadership at Workplace

Effective leadership is an important skill in the professional arena. A skilled leader is a strong communicator, motivator and problem solver. Building teams, motivating employees, assessing client needs and managing conflicts are some of the critical tasks of a leader. Here are some strategies for being a successful leader in the workplace.

Our common and traditional approach to leadership hasn’t significantly evolved since the dawn of the industrial age. When it comes to managing people in a work environment, we’ve always treated workers like any other input: squeeze as much as much out of them as possible and pay them as little as possible.

This idea was introduced nearly a century ago when the expansion of the US economy largely was based on industrial machinery. Workers were required to perform relatively unchallenging tasks and were easily replaceable. Companies motivated workers primarily with money, paying by the piece to reward those who produced the most widgets.

• To Conduct Self-assessment
• To realize the Role Profile of Leader and Manager
• To understand and conceptualize traits of Leadership
• To have dummy practice of Leadership building
• To understand different challenges of Leadership
• To practice for relating different values of the organization with leadership competencies
• Reinforce the Leadership Cycle

Contents of Training:

Session-1: Insight Thought of Corporate Leadership 
Discussion Points
• Leader Vs Corporate Leader
• General Competencies for Corporate Leadership
• Self Assessment: Leadership Capacity
• Building Capacity for being successful leader: Approach and way forward

Session-2: Approaches of Corporate Leadership & its Competencies 
Discussion Points
• Lead the People
• Lead the Process
• Lead the Performance
• Lead the TEAM
• Lead the Decision
• Lead the situation
• Lead the Leader
• Competencies required for every Approaches of Corporate Leadership

Session-3: See the Leader, Be the Leader 
• Realizing Leadership through Objective Structured Practical Exercise [OSPE]
Discussion Points
• Realize Leadership through scenario
• Situation based Leadership Competencies and Challenges
• Relationship of Organizational Values with Leadership Competencies

Session-4: Choice the Shoe 
• Individual Exercise to define the Role Profile of Manager and Leader
Discussion Points
• Role of Leader Vs Manager
• Choice the Shoe for the Profile
• Understand the Challenges of ACT as Manager or Leader

Session-5: Employing the power of engaging leadership 
• Reinforce learning and relate the appreciation word for every member
Discussion Points
• Engaging People: The Key to Unlocking Commitment
• Building the Foundations for Engaging People
• Knowing the Secrets of Engaging Leaders
• Recognizing Your Existing Skills
• Developing the Courage to Speak Your Mind
• Sensing for Success
• Being Brilliant at Building Commitment

Session-6: Leading People to Peak Performance 
Group Exercise regarding lead the performance
Discussion Points
• Being a Great Role Model
• Acting Before Avalanches
• Leading Under-performers Towards Your Peak
• Coaching the Good Towards Greatness