Leadership for Excellence

Leadership for Excellence
This program is mainly designed to improve your leadership traits. It will also help you to stay motivated, to set right goals in life and to achieve them.
Contents of Training:

Day I

Ice breaker: The Harmony Game

1. Leadership
• Leadership is a vague term
o What does it really mean for you as a senior leader?
• Leader vs. Manager – the dilemma is finally solved!
• The Leadership building process
• Game/Activity:
o The Paper Game : Teams vs. Resources Allocated

2. Learning from the “Wisdom of the Geese”
• Analysis of the Five lessons learnt from the geese
• Game/Activity:
o The Sticky Note Activity
• Video – The Wisdom of the Geese

3. The “Circle of Concern” and the “Circle of Influence”
• Brief Analysis on “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R Covey
• Detailed discussion on the “Circle of Concern” and the “Circle of Influence”
• Game/ Activity:
o What are the organization’s Concerns vs. Influences
• The business of “Winning” – how to instigate positivity and positive thinking among
the junior colleagues

4. The Chess Piece Vs. the Chess Player
• I am my own creator – don’t be a victim, be a player
• Stop giving excuses – take responsibility of your actions, stop the blame game and be a winner!
• The Chess Piece vs. The Chess Player

5. The Secret of Motivation
• The motivation questionnaire
• The motivation mantra
• Motivation 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0
• External Vs. Internal motivation
Game/Activity: o The Motivation Game

Day II

Ice breaker: Name and Expression

1. Advanced Communication
• Effective and efficient communication?
• Video – Ineffective Communication
• Game/Activity:
o Communication vs. Body Language
• Role play on active listening (Two Chairs)

2. Openness and Trust
• How openness really builds trust (The Four Chair Game)
• The Chicken and Egg Story (Whirlpool Diagram)
• The Three Stooges Game

3. The Ins and Outs of Feedback
• Do we really give proper feedback?
• Game/Activity:
o The Feedback Game (Draw with or without feedback)
• The Johari Window
• The Experience Cube and giving “I- Message”
• Game/Activity:
o The Experience Cube role play simulation
• How to handle difficult situation (three different tricks)
• Barriers to listening

4. Dealing with Difficult People in the Organization
• Why are some people difficult in our lives?
• How do we deal with difficult people in our lives?
• Game/Activity: o The Case Study of a difficult person!
• 3 Magic Sentences that you can use to resolve conflict situations
• 1 Magic Sentence to get you out of any difficult situation

5. The Great Motivational Ending
•Human beings have tremendous potential, and can achieve anything. All you need to do is ask for it.
Game/Activity: o The Three Picture Game
Game/Activity: o The Perspective Hand Game
Video – Nick Vujici
Video – Shewli Shathi