If one is interested to immigrate to Canada as PR under express entry program, it would take around 9–16 months depending on which stage you are right now.

It takes 1–2 months to take IELTS dates, specially now that everyone is interested to move to Australia/Canada, getting test dates is difficult.

It takes around 1–2 months to get education assessment done which you can do in parallel with IELTS preparation. You also need to gather letter of reference from your all you employers which would take at least 1–2 months as large organizations are slow in issuing such letters , some might not even provide letters so you have to arrange for an affidavit. Getting police clearance from all countries where you have stayed for 6+ months, if stayed in USA for 6+ months count atleast 6–8 weeks to get police clearance. In india if you passport address is same as your current residential address you will get PCC in a day else it takes 1 month.

Arranging proof of funds from bank would take 1 week depending up if you have sufficient balance or need to liquidate some investments.

Once you have good score in IELTS and your CRS is high enough to get an ITA, you will have 60 days to submit your application. Ideally if all documents are ready then it should take max 2 weeks to submit application. Once the application is submitted then it is processed in 6 months time , some applications may take longer. If you account all of these times then it would take 9–16 months.