Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance Management ensures that goals are consistently being achieved.

The management of the performance (by motivation and direction) of the sub – ordinates/ associates/ followers by agreeing goals/objectives that are Measurable, Results Orientated, Business Focused and are measured at pre-determined intervals to track progress towards the ultimate goal. Planning performance and measurement criterion are the key elements.
Performance Management System encourages positive behaviour: Appropriate rewards & recognition for good performance will encourage similar future behaviour in an individual; Will also send the right message to others that good performance will be recognised and will be beneficial to one’s career advancements and financial gains; Problems will not be allowed to continue indefinitely and are appropriately addressed via improved future performance or termination of employment

Benefits for the Associate: 
The process enables each associate to recognize:
– their personal responsibility and competencies
– the expected performance and deliverables
– the behaviors they should demonstrate
– personal, individual performance in relation to expectations/standards
– the basis for their own future development needs

Benefits for the Company: 
– Increased productivity through focus on common objectives
– Increase in employee skills
Contents of Training:

Performance Management: what it is
PM Process
Performance Planning & Measurement criterion
Performance development & monitoring
Performance Appraisal and outcome management