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Trump’s latest Executive Order is based on a persistent lie
Revoking National Monument designations wouldn’t “return” federal lands to the American people. It would open up public lands to sale and…
Weekly Inspiration for Designers #99
via Muzli design inspiration
Solving for Zero in Jersey City
Part 1: An Analysis of NJDOT Crash Data
Kevin B

Kevin B

5 min read
Top stories in Design
Mobile First, Desktop Worst
An op-ed from the front lines of product design at MetaLab.
Top stories in Health
10 Simple Ways Busy People Can Lose Their First 10lbs
Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be consistent.
Adam Arbour

Adam Arbour in The Mission

5 min read
Top stories in Energy
WATCH: Almost everything you know about clean energy is outdated
“This is a different world from three years ago” — renewables are no longer “alternative energy.”
Joe Romm

Joe Romm in ThinkProgress

3 min read
Recommended by Medium Staff
The reality dissection fallacy
The Scalpel Mania — How to make a good nazi — On maps and territory
GoFundMe and Healthcare
Or, Paul Ryan’s Inhuman Wet Dream, Quantified.
John Bjorn Nelson

John Bjorn Nelson

5 min read
When You Call 911 and Nobody Picks Up
Across the United States, emergency dispatch services are consolidating, and in many cases, run privately. In rural areas, it could mean…
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