Concepts of AWS

Lesson 0: Introduction to AWS Technical Essentials 

∙ Welcome and Introduction 

∙ Why AWS Technical Essentials? 

∙ Defining AWS Technical Essentials 

∙ Interesting facts about AWS Technical Essentials 

∙ Evolution of AWS Technical Essentials 

∙ Need of AWS Technical Essentials (Real Life Case Study Included) 

∙ Market Trends / Predictions 

∙ Course Objectives 

∙ Flow and Learning Strategy for the Course 

∙ Other Relevant Information 

∙ Conclusion 

Lesson 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing 

∙ Introduction 

∙ Overview of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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∙ Getting Started with AWS 

Lesson 2: Introduction & History to AWS 

∙ Navigate the AWS Management Console 

∙ Recognize AWS Global Infrastructure 

∙ Describe the security measures AWS provides 

Lesson 3: AWS Storage & Content Delivery 

∙ Identify key AWS storage options 

∙ Describe Amazon EBS 

∙ Create an Amazon S3 bucket and manage associated objects 

Lesson 4: Compute Services & Networking 

∙ Identify the different AWS compute and networking options 

∙ Describe an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) 

∙ Create an Amazon EC2 instance 

∙ Verify how to use Amazon EBS 

Lesson 5: AWS Managed Services & Database 

∙ Describe Amazon DynamoDB 

∙ Verify key aspects of Amazon RDS

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∙ Execute an Amazon RDS drive application 

Lesson 6: Deployment and Management 

∙ Identify AWS CloudFormation 

∙ Describe Amazon CloudWatch metrics and alarms 

∙ Describe Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM)