Digital Strategies and Sustainable Marketing

Digital Strategies and Sustainable Marketing

This highly interactive training workshop provides a toolbox of skills for effectively and efficiently handling all types of digital interactions. Participants will learn the ways of digital marketing skills to help improve their performance and present a professional, knowledgeable image that reflects well on business. At the program’s conclusion, you should be able to:

• Describe the marketing terms
• Identify the need of digital communication and strategies
• Recognize barriers to the using digital marketing
• Demonstrate how to measure effective market reach through digital marketing
• Describe techniques for dealing with digital dogma
• Understand and recognize action plan and application for digital strategies

This workshop will create benefit for the participants with guidelines of being motivated and motivating others for better engagement and better productivity. It will help them to identify the way motivation for getting challenging job/business in greater dimension.

Contents of Training:

Developing digital understanding and marketing strategies: 

Understanding Marketing 
• Understanding need and urge of marketing
• Statistical analysis
• Effective Marketing

Marketing Paradox 
• Confusions in traditional marketing
• Dilemmas in modern marketing

Modern Marketing Strategies 
• Evolution of marketing process and strategies
• Change of games
• Introduction of alternative strategies
• Red Ocean and Blue ocean strategy

Digital Marketing Concept and Strategies:
• Understanding digital marketing
• Strategies in digital marketing
• Stages of digital marketing
• Platforms and communications
• B2B , B2C, C2C communication
• Different digital strategies

Interaction and understanding of Content: 
• Understanding of Contents development
• Power of contents
• Various Audio Visuals
• Content consultancy
• Making of ads in digital platform
• FAQs