eCommerce Marketing Strategy

eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Simply E-commerce means conducting business online. E-commerce is a burning issue of today because the global business is moving towards a virtual business world. People now want hassle-free shopping. At the presents era of Technology Online Shop has become a popular media for people to get their desired product easily. Now a day a huge number of people can access to the internet and every day they spend a lot of time over there, which has also created a huge opportunity for E-Commerce. The two scopes of E-Commerce are B2C (Business to Consumers)and B2B (Business to Business).

This course is designed to simplify the best practices of targeting these two scopes properly through Online. So you can learn how to reach and engage your targeted audience for your E-Commerce site and improve your chances to increase sales.

The goal of this course is to give you a bird’s eye view of digital marketing and how all the pieces fit together. The goal is not to tell you do this, or do that. The goal is to help you think through the different ways you can apply these techniques.

What am I going to get from this course? 
> How to optimize Facebook Business Page
> How to do Organic Marketing on Facebook
> Step by step process to create and ad on Facebook.
> How to Optimize a YouTube video to come on first page (YouTube Search).
> How to Monetize a YouTube video
> Instagram Marketing tips and tricks to target digital generation.
> Primary Knowledge of Mailchimp.
> Primary Knowledge of Google Analytics etc.
Contents of Training:

A true definition of E-Commerce.
2. Obstacle of E-Commerce Marketing.

Facebook Graph Search.
Discover exactly how to master the Edge rank algorithm
The differences between profiles, pages, groups and events
Facebook Group
Facebook Event

Facebook Business Page
Creating a Business Page.
On Page Optimization – Business Page
How to share Admin Role.
Optimize your Facebook Profile and Header Pictures
Identify your Audience.
Creating powerful posts that engage your fans.
How to Target Right Audience.
Pin Facebook Content
Customizing tabs with applications to set up your page
Manage Tabs
How Facebook Call to Action works.
People Activity
How to handle Review Section and How to Hide Review Section.
6 Elements of FacebookTube
Utilize Facebook analytics to improve your page performance

Facebook Advertisement
Facebook Hack : Facebook Audience Research.
Strategically sponsor posts to boost your visibility
Promote your page – Page Likes
Send People to your Website – Website Hit
Discover how to run Facebook retargeting ads or advertise to your email list to maximize your results

Facebook Marketing
Leverage Existing Facebook Friends
Leverage Existing Customers
Connect in Relevant Facebook Groups
Your Facebook Voice
Backdoor Marketing Plan.

Advance Topics
Super Marketing Plan.
Demand Marketing Policy
Steps to run a successful Facebook Marketing Campaign.

Basics of YouTube
How To Find And Use YouTube Advanced Search?
YouTube Video Features
How to create a New YouTube Channel?
Optimizing a YouTube Channel.
YouTube Channel Verification process.
How to upload a Video on YouTube?
Secrets of the Video Title & Description
How to setup Annotations to get more views and subscribers?
How to Monetize a YouTube video to earn money?
YouTube Live Streaming Process.
How To Analyse The Most Important YouTube Feature
Easy Video Editing process through Camtasia Studio.
How to spy on your competitor’s keywords on YouTube and optimize your video rank
Easy And Successful Ways To Add Backlinks From Your YouTube Channel

Introduction to Instagram
Navigating the layouts
Fixing a new account
Research Policy
Instagram Marketing.

Blogging Idea.
Email Marketing Process.
Google Analytics.