Effective Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Effective Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.The advertisers/merchants are typically referred to as affiliate merchants and the publishers/salespeople are referred to as affiliates.Contents of Training:

1st Day

Basic Idea on Affiliate Marketing>>>
1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
2. Why Affiliate Marketing is Important?
3. Where Affiliate Marketing?
4. When Affiliate Marketing?
5. How does Affiliate Marketing Works?

Requirements for Affiliate Marketing>>>
1. Must have a Computer
2. Very good Internet Connection
3. Business / Entrepreneur Mentality
4. Very strong Confidence
5. Stability + Consistency
6. Eager Willingness

All about Amazon Affiliate>>>
1. What is Amazon?
2. Why Amazon Affiliate?
3. How to create an Amazon Affiliate Account?
4. How to create an Amazon API Key + Secret key?

Amazon Product Research + Keywords Research>>>>
1. How to find a good niche
2. How to find converting products
3. How to find easy to rank Keywords
4. How to analyze for Keywords Competitions

Domain and Hosting>>>
1. How to choose an EMD Domain?
2. How to register a domain name?
3. How to register for hosting account?
4. How to integrate domain with hosting?

All about WordPress Website>>>
1. How to install WordPress?
2. All about WordPress Dashboard
3. WordPress permalink structure settings.
4. WordPress Theme Customizations.
5. How to install WordPress Themes?
6. How to install WordPress Plugins?
7. How to integrate WordPress with Amazon Associates Account?
8. How to post on WordPress site manually and automatically.
9. How to secure your Amazon WordPress site?
10. All important Plugins for WordPress Amazon Site.

Question and Answers Time

2nd Day

Marketing for Affiliate Site>>>
>>> Basic SEO
1. What is seo?
2. How does seo works?
3. How does google works?
4. How to write meta title?
5. How to write meta description?
6. How to write meta keywords?
7. How to use focus keywords?
8. Where to place focus keywords?
9. How to create XML Sitemap
10. How to create Robots.txt file

Social Media Marketing>>>
1. What is social media marketing?
2. Facebook Marketing.
3. Twitter Marketing.
4. Pinterest Marketing.
5. Google+ Marketing.
6. Instagram Marketing.
7. Stumbleupon Marketing.
8. Reddit Marketing.

Question and Answer Sites>>>
1. What is question and answer site?
2. Quora Marketing.
3. Yahoo Answer Marketing.

Classified Ads Posting Website>>>
1. What is classified ads posting website?
2. How to post on US free ads?
3. How to post on Oodle?
4. How to post on ebayclassifieds?

How to create a video>>>
1. How to create a video?
2. How to upload video on youtube?
3. How to optimize a video for ranking?

How to create presentations>>>
1. Introducing with slideshare
2. How to create slideshow?
3. How to drive traffic from slideshare?

Other Marketing Tactics>>>
1. Forum Posting
2. Blog Commenting
3. RSS Submission
4. Article Marketing
5. Social Bookmarking