FMCG Sales Management

FMCG Sales Management
This Training and Workshop program will cover on how to Manage FMCG sector Sales through state of the Art techniques and tools. The training will cover initial setup of sales network and distribution to final Goal and Target accomplishment process. The materials and tools will be linked with practical and real life examples of our country’s national large corporate houses and as well the big multinational corporations. Training will also consist of Theoretical aspects of General Sales Management in FMCG and Consumer Service Industry.

After attending the training program, a trainee will be able to design national sales and distribution network independently. Also S/he can improve his organizations existing distribution and sales setup, develop sales and sales team management skills and achieve desired sales target.
Contents of Training:

1. Basic Distribution and Sales Setup in Perspective of Bangladesh (Demographic Demarcation).

2. Selecting Right Distribution and Sales Channel Tier.

3. Norms of Choosing Right Distributors and Dealers.

4. Building up Daily Sales Route. (Practical Examples).

5. Driving Sales in the Field through Leading the Sales Team.

6. Tools of Tracking Sales Performance.

7. Follow Up Regular Meeting with Sales Channel.

8. Linking Trade Marketing and BTL activities in Sales.

9. Motivating Key Channel Partners: Retailers.

10. Sales Campaign Overview (Local and International).

11. Real life Sales Setup and Campaign Design through the Trainees in Teams.

12. Evaluation of the Plans through the Audience.

13. Art of Sales Management

14. Strategic Overview of Sales Management.

15. Way Forward and Closing