Information Risk Awareness for General Bankers

Information Risk Awareness for General Bankers

Information risks and security is a growing concern amongst the companies. In recent days cyber criminals are targeting banks and other financial organizations for financial gains which in turn increases the risk of information security in those organizations.While there are many ways to combat, Information Risk Awareness among the employees plays most important role to reduce these security risks significantly.Contents of Training:

1. IT Security in Banks and Financial Organizations
• IT Security overview (Virus, Worm, Trojan, Bot)
• Why Banks? Recent incidents in banking industry.
• What is Information Risk?
• IT Security in Banks- A regulator as well as legal requirement
• What are the steps we need to follow

3. Techniques Taken by the Attackers and How to Combat
• Social Engineering
• Phishing
• Spear Phishing
• Advanced techniques (APT, Zero Day malware)
• Videos on different attacks
• Hot to combat with these attacks

4. Real Life Demonstration
• Real life Phishing attack
• How to keep away from these attacks

5. How Banking System could be kept safe and secure
• 2-FA Authentication
• Dual Control
• Segregation of Duty (SOD)
• Checker and Maker
• Access Control
• Password Policy

6. Conclusion
• Recap
• Question and answer
• Close