Java Course Certification Training

Course Curriculum: 

Lesson 01 – Introduction to Java EE 

Introduction to Java EE 

Lesson 02 – Java Servlet I 

Servlets API, Interfaces, and Methods 

Servlet Lifecycle 

Configure and Deploy Servlet 

ServletRequest, ServletResponse 

ServletConfig, ServletContext 

Servlet Scopes, Attributes, and Collaboration 

Lesson 03 – Java Servlet II 

Session Management 

Listeners in Java EE 

Filters in Java EE 

Lesson 04 – Java Server Pages 

JSP Lifecycle 

Creating and Working with JSP Elements 

Working with JSP Standard Action 

JSTL and Custom Tag Libraries 

Lesson 05 – Introduction to Hibernate 

Introduction to Hibernate 

Hibernate CRUD Operation 

Lesson 06 – Hibernate Queries and Relationship 

Hibernate Queries and Relationship 

Mapping Relationship with Hibernate 

Lesson 07 – Introduction to Spring 

Introduction to Spring 

Dependency Injection, SpringBean Lifecycle, Wiring, and Scope

Lesson 08 – Spring AOP 

Introduction to Spring AOP (Aspect-Oriented Programming) 

Configuring AOP in Java Application using AspectJ Approach 

Lesson 09 – Spring JDBC and Spring Hibernate 

Spring JDBC Implementation in an Application 

Spring Hibernate Template 

Spring JDBC Transaction Management 

Lesson 10 – Spring MVC 

Spring MVC Architecture, Components, and Framework 

Spring MVC Program 

Lesson 11 – SOA and Web Services 

Basics of SOA Architecture and Web Services 

Creating SOAP-based and RESTful Web Services 

Course End Projects: 

Project 1: Employee Management System 

Create a new system to automate the regulation, creation, and closure process. 

Project 2: Home Insurance 

Build a system that helps individuals buy home insurance through a web application.