Land Mutation Process and Land Management System

Land Mutation Process and Land Management System

Sixteen crore people of our country directly or indirectly related with land. But most of the people do not have adequate knowledge about the system of land management. One of the main causes for that is, in our educational curriculum, the concept of land is not included at any sphere. Due to lack of understanding of land management and mutation process, people specially, land owners, flat owners, and land related service holders in Govt. and private sector face troubles simultaneously.

This course will help to understand the land management system of Bangladesh specially the whole mutation process (an important part of land ownership) to the participants.

How participants will benefit after the course:
i) The general ideas of land management system of Bangladesh.
ii) Record (Khatian), Preparation of record, Stages of record preparation.
iii) Objection stage (Rules-30) & Appeal stages (Rules-31) of record preparation.
iv) Last opportunity to correct the record before gagette notification.
v) Remedy of record correction after final publications.
vi) CS Khatian, SA Khatian, RS Khatian, City Jarip Khatian.
vii) Sample Deed, DCR (Duplicate Carbon Receipt)and LD Tax Receipt (Rent Receipt/ Dakhila).
viii) Complete Mutation process of a land (A vital part of land ownership).
ix) Mutation process of a flat.
x) Duties of an applicant during inquiry, hearing and after approval of Mutation.
xi) Verification process of proper ownership of land.Contents of Training:

1st session :
General Ideas of Land Management System of Bangladesh

2nd Session:
(i) General concepts about Record of land (Khatian),
(ii) Preparation of record,
(iii) Discussion on CS Record, SA Record, RS Record, City Jarip Record, Sample Deed, DCR (Duplicate Carbon Receipt), Dakhila (RR)

3rd Session:
(i) Ideas on Mutation.
(ii) Legal basis of Mutation.
(iii) Necessities of Mutation.
(iv) Benefits of Mutation.
(v) Complete Process of Mutation.

4th Session:
(i) Method of filling up Govt. prescribed application form of Mutation.
(ii) Necessary documents.
(iii) Duties of an applicant during inquiry, hearing and after approval of Mutation Case.

5th Session:
Presentation of a sample case of Mutation.

6th Session:
Summarization of the whole day’s discussion and feedback of the session.