Land Purchasing Verification, Registration system, False Deed & Land Development Tax

a) Laws & Rules relating to property or land purchasing.
(b) Right & duties of buyer and seller of land.
(c) Verification system of proposed sale land.
(d) Sale Deed (Sale contract).
(e) Deed writing.
(f) Prescribe Deed writing form.
(g) What document will have to be closed in the deed.
(h) Various fees of Deed and payment system.
(i) TIN Certificate for Registration.
(j) Result of sale same property/Land to different person’s.
(k) Correction of Deed.
(L) False Deed. How you identify false Deed.
(m) Action for doubting false Deed.
(n) Case filing in the Civil Court to repeal false Deed.
(o) What is Land Development Tax.
(p) Rate of Land Development Tax for Agriculture Land.
(q) Rate of Agriculture Land Development Tax
(r)Step of Land Development Tax for Non-Agriculture Land.
(S) Land Development Tax for Non-Agriculture Land
(t) Land Development Tax for Acquisition Land.
(u) What is Rent Receipt(Dakhila).
(v) What are the benefits of payment of Land Development Tax.
(w) What is Statement.
(x) Submission of Statement by Land Owner.
(y) How the Statement can be cancelled.