Microsoft Certified (AZ-301) Azure Architect Design

1. Designing for Identity and Security 

Module 1: Managing Security & Identity for Azure Solutions 

Lab: Securing Secrets in Azure 

Module 2: Integrating SaaS Services Available on the Azure Platform 

Lab: Deploying Service Instances as Components of Overall Azure Solutions 

2. Designing a Data Platform Solution 

Module 1: Backing Azure Solutions with Azure Storage 

Module 2: Comparing Database Options in Azure 

Lab: Deploying Database Instances in Azure 

Module 3: Monitoring & Automating Azure Solutions 

Lab: Deploying Configuration Management Solutions to Azure 

3. Designing for Deployment, Migration, and Integration 

Module 1: Deploying Resources with Azure Resource Manager 

Lab: Deploying Resources with Azure Resource Manager 

Module 2: Creating Managed Server Applications in Azure 

Lab: Deploying Managed Containerized Workloads to Azure 

Module 3: Authoring Serverless Applications in Azure 

Lab: Deploying Serverless Workloads to Azure 

1 Designing an Infrastructure Strategy 

Module 1: Application Architecture Patterns in Azure 

Module 2: Building Azure IaaS-Based Server Applications (ADSK) 

Lab: Building Azure IaaS-Based Server Applications 

Module 3: Networking Azure Application Components 

Lab: Deploying Network Infrastructure for Use in Azure Solutions 

Module 4: Integrating Azure Solution Components Using Messaging Services 

Lab: Integrating Azure Solution Components using Messaging Services