Project Appraisal, Financing & Management

Project Appraisal, Financing & Management
Generally, in such type of course, main focus is given on the appraisal or feasibility issues of the project. As a result, the conceptual framework (pre-finance issues) and the prudent management part (post finance issues) of the project always remain unfolded. This is significantly responsible for failure of a project in most of the cases. Keeping that in view, the course is designed.
Contents of Training:

1. Conceptual framework of a project: Projects concept, it’s attributes, types and phases in life

2. Appraisal of various aspects of project using different tools and methods

3. Financing Dynamics

4. Various management issues of project:
– Human Management
– Conflict Management
– Project Implementation Action Plan
– Time & Cost Management
– Project Closedown Management etc.

5. Project Failure Analysis