Project Proposal Writing for NGOs

Project Proposal Writing for NGOs

A project proposal is a request for financial/technical assistance to implement a project. A proposal is not just requirement of something that one need to implement a project. A proposal must justify each item or activity, so that a donor agency can decide if it wants to provide some or all of those things. One must know (and be able to communicate) exactly what s/he wants to do with these things, and that is why one should design a project to carry out what s/he wants to achieve. The logical consequence throughout the project proposal is also be maintained.

It is important to carefully formulate and design the project. It is equally important to write a proposal which will attract the necessary funding. The project proposal should be an honest sales document. It’s job is to inform and to convince. It is not a place to preach, boast or to deceive. Proposal writing is a skill which requires some knowledge and practice. Moreover effective skill development training and guidelines can help anyone to be a successful project proposal writer.

Training Objectives:
a)To introduce with modern requirements of a good project proposal
b)To develop skill on the project proposal writing in consequent steps
c)To develop skill on Logical Framework for project

Expected Outcome of the training:
After attending the training sincerely participants will be capable to:
a)Know about the different components of a development project
b)Analyse a problem and make possible solutions for that
c)Develop logical consequences among the different contents of project proposal
d)Understand Logical Framework for a project proposal
e)Design a comprehensive project proposal according to the requirement of specific donor.Contents of Training:

a)What is project
b)Parts of a project
c)Problem tree
d)Objective tree
e)Comparative terminology of project
f)Contents of a project proposal
g)Content wise writing Guideline and Tips
h)Logical frame of project
i)Necessary Annexure
j)Writing tips
k)Budget tips
l)PP Presentation tips

The major contents of the sessions are:
a)Defining project with characteristics
b)Social Development project
c)What Goes Wrong with Projects?
d)Reason for poor project design
e)Project design stages and steps
f)Components of a project and its definition
g)Characteristic of problems and its analysis
h)Problem tree analysis and objective tree analysis
i)Transformation of problem tree into project skeleton
j)Project hypothesis development
k)Stakeholder analysis
l)Project proposal format
m) Logical framework as a tool of project cycle management
n)Hierarchy of a Typical Project
o)Logic and exercises for developing a project proposal
p)Donors’ area of interest assessment
q)Establishing goal of a project
r)Establishing objectives of a project
s)Establishing project outputs
t)Develop activity plan in line with the expected outcomes
u)Example of project activities
v)How to present the activities in PP
w)Monitoring and evaluation part of a project proposal of a project proposal
x)Common tips for budget preparation
y)Steps and content wise practical tips to develop the project proposal