Cloud computing grew out of the concept of utility computing.

Cloud computing grew out of the concept of utility computing. It was believed that computing resources and hardware would become a commodity to the point that companies would purchase them from a central pool and pay only for the amount of CPU cycles, RAM, storage and bandwidth that they used, much like the way you buy electricity from the electric…

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Adaptive Fault Tolerance in Real Time Cloud Computing

With the increasing demand and benefits of cloud computing infrastructure, real time computing can be performed on cloud infrastructure. A real time system can take advantage of intensive computing capabilities and scalable virtualized environment of cloud computing to execute real time tasks. In most of the real time cloud applications, processing is done on remote cloud computing nodes. So there…

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Fault tolerance on cloud computing

The increasing popularity of Cloud computing as an attractive alternative to classic information processing systems has increased the importance of its correct and continuous operation even in the presence of faulty components. In this paper, we introduce an innovative, system-level, modular perspective on creating and managing fault tolerance in Clouds. We propose a comprehensive high-level approach to shading the implementation…

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