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Top new questions this week:

Why does ?: cause a conversion error while if-else does not?

Making some changes in the code I use the next line: uint a = b == c ? 0 : 1; Visual Studio shows me this error: Cannot implicitly convert type ‘int’ to ‘uint’. An explicit conversion exists …

c# .net type-conversion
asked by Ruben Aguilar 56 votes
answered by JLRishe 67 votes

Speed up millions of regex replacements in Python 3

I’m using Python 3.5.2 I have two lists a list of about 750,000 “sentences” (long strings) a list of about 20,000 “words” that I would like to delete from my 750,000 sentences So, I have to loop …

python regex string performance replace
asked by user36476 50 votes
answered by Liteye 57 votes

Error “Dependent package with key emulator not found” while updating Android SDK and tools

I tried to update my Android Studio and got this error. How can I fix this? I don’t have much experience with Android studio and Android app development. I am using Android Studio 2.3 and Linux.

android-studio android-studio-2.3
asked by ankit 39 votes
answered by ankit 14 votes

What is the order of evaluation in python when using pop(), list[-1] and +=?

a = [1, 2, 3] a[-1] += a.pop() This results in [1, 6]. a = [1, 2, 3] a[0] += a.pop() This results in [4, 2]. What order of evaluation gives these two results?

python list operator-precedence pop indices
asked by felipa 33 votes
answered by Fallen 29 votes

Why does the red heart emoji require two code points, but the other colored hearts require one?

It appears that the red heart emoji (❤️ ) “\u2764\uFE0F” requires two unicode codepoints, specifically Heavy Black Heart followed by a Variation Selector. However, blue 💙, green 💚, yellow 💛, and …

unicode emoji codepoint
asked by Newtang 26 votes
answered by nwellnhof 23 votes

Android studio error: An error occurred while trying to compute required packages

I’m trying to install the latest Android Studio on a MacBook pro 2015 Unfortunately I get this error: An error occurred while trying to compute required packages. Here a screenshot of the …

java android android-studio android-sdk-toolsandroid-sdk-2.3
asked by Gianluca Ghettini 25 votes
answered by Charlie_Mtz 14 votes

Java hexadecimal base double literal

I am studying for java certification. And i’m curious about the java literals. I know it is possible to do something like this: int i = 0xAA; long l = 0xAAL; Also this is possible for …

java hex literals
asked by Bruno Calça 22 votes
answered by Jon Skeet 36 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to horizontally center a <div> in another <div>?

How can I horizontally center a <div> within another <div> using CSS (if it’s even possible)? The outer <div> has width:100%: <div id=”outer” style=”width:100%”> …

html css alignment
asked by Lukas 2880 votes
answered by Justin Poliey 3271 votes

For-each over an array in JavaScript?

How can I loop through all the entries in an array using JavaScript? I thought it was something like this: forEach(instance in theArray) Where theArray is my array, but this seems to be incorrect. …

javascript arrays loops foreach iteration
asked by Dante1986 2908 votes
answered by T.J. Crowder 5011 votes

Can you answer these?

An error occurred while provisioning your stack:functionlog – /aws/lambda/Serverless/function already exists

I get this error when I try to do sls deploy: An error occurred while provisioning your stack:functionlog – /aws/lambda/Serverless/function already exists. This is because the framework …

amazon-web-services lambda aws-lambdaserverless-framework
asked by Shekhar Kambala N V S 4 votes

Cohort in Firebase Analytics Android

Good afternoon everyone, I am not able to understand why 100% coming on March 4 and march 6.As there are 6 users on March 4 and 3 on March 6.Then why it is showing 100%.One more query,on March 6 day 1 …

android firebase firebase-analytics
asked by Shivam Kapoor 5 votes

Node.js, Hbase: Failed to connect to zookeeper

Using hbase-rpc-client and trying to connect to Zookeper, I get the following error: Failed to connect to zookeeper. zkHosts: [my_host_name:2181] zkRoot: ‘/hbase’ I do know that host and port …