Credit Management & Debt Collection Strategies

Credit Management & Debt Collection Strategies

Bad debt and working capital are serious concerns for any company and business today. It has been known that cash flow problems have lead to the ruin, failure and bankruptcy of otherwise successful concerns in the industry.

Therefore, it is very essential to ensure that your credit control management and debt collection activities result in TIMELY payment of the outstanding debts from your customers, without damaging your good customer relations with your clients.

At this intensive course, you will learn to understand and appreciate the importance of credit control and debt collection, how to plan an effective debt collection program and to acquire and apply effectively proven techniques for debt collection (written and through telephone).

How participants will benefit after the course
After attending the course, participants will be able to:

1. Develop and manage credit control policy effectively

2. Identify and minimize the cost of bad debts and avoidance of bad debts

3. Gain a good understanding of the effective methods of collection (including negotiation) on debts

4. Make good and effective decisions on cash management and collections

5. Acquire good and effective skills on debts collectionContents of Training:

An Introduction to Credit Management Function
The role of credit and its importance in the economy
The Development Consumer and Export Credit
Credit Management as a Profession
The financial effects of credit management
Credit Policy and Organisation
Credit terms and conditions of Sale

Assessing Credit Risk
Assessing risk in trade credit
Credit ratings and risk categories
Prediction corporate insolvency
Insolvency warning signs

Cash Collection
Computer Systems for Credit Management
Collecting trade debts
Debt Collection Strategy and Process
Planning, measuring and reporting debtors

Export Credit and Consumer Credit
Export Credit and Collections
Retail Credit Management
Insolvency Procedure
Various Credit Services