Data is exploding exponentially

Data is exploding exponentially and now the world requires analyst to analyze them. Business Intelligence (BI) is the method for analyzing this data and presenting actionable information to help corporate executives, business managers and other end users to make informed business decisions.

Business Intelligence is the new buzz word. MNC and different companies are hiring professionals who understand data and BI.

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used BI Tool in the market. In this Course, you will receive a healthy understandings of the Business Intelligence Concept and of course be a master in MS Excel. The course will also maximize your skill set with Microsoft Excel. The course simplifies powerful features like PivotTables, Charts, Formulae, PowerPivot, Sparkline, Conditional Formatting and many more!

The course is separated in three Difficulties level- Beginner, Intermediate and Advance. As the course progresses you will be introduces with Powerful Technics that will take you from Novice to Professional. How participants will benefit after the course This course will walk you through the world of business intelligence. You will learn BI Terminologies, Concepts and start building your own self service business intelligence platform using Microsoft excel immediately after the course completion. You be explored to many uncovered area of MS Excel that will help you to become more productive from day one.