Export-Import Business Management

Export-Import Business Management

This course is designed and articulated to sharpen participant’s knowledge and skills in doing /operating Export –Import business efficiently and successfully. Learning the process and procedure of export –import basics, challenges/ risk factors and solutions and success issues, conducting research and staying informed can help you succeed in your export-import venture/operation. Step by step process and procedures have been described in this training program, as participants can gather knowledge easily and implement the training result in the real life business. This course is planned such a way that within a short period of time the participants can engage them in doing /operating Export –Import business. Participants will be truly benefited and confident just walk away from the training room .

For Export-Import business your Bank plays a vital role to visualize your business. Good relationship and careful management with the Bank is required in Export-Import Business. Also a careful management is required while shipping your goods in case of export. As well a close monitor and efficient management is need while you handle the customs formalities while clearing the imported cargo/consignment from either Chittagong Seaport or Dhaka Airport or Benapole Land port or any other port in Bangladesh.

If the goods you need for your business are unavailable in this country or cost less in others, then you may want to import them. Importing commercial goods into Bangladesh is a regulated activity. The Chief Controller of Import and Export authority is the government organization that enforces import and export regulations. Importing is big business in these days.

Exporting is also a very prestigious and dignified business activities that gives you great pleasure as well as great income .

Export –Import business is one of the hot industries of the new millennium. Export –Import business becomes more and more rewarding, both in terms of profit and personal satisfaction.

Training Objectives:

• Explain the main concept of Export ,Import, L/C, Banking ,Shipping and Customs ,C&F Agent Formalities (in the case of Export and Import)
• It aims to provide participants foundational and advanced knowledge on how to tackle, resolve, and manage myriad complex problems and issues that confront Export-Import managers.
• The purpose of the course is to recognize the right and complete process and procedure of Banking formalities, shipping export consignment, maintain customs and clearing formalities for imported goods, raw materials, equipments, machinery, spare parts etc.
• Strengthening the Capacity of the professional involves in Export-Import as they can find out GAP , minimize cost and shorten lead time
• Manage shipping and Customs formalities to export the products and services to the right places in right time and satisfy the customer.
• Manage customs and clearing formalities of Imported products and services in right time and satisfy the customer.
Contents of Training:

Export Business Management:

• Export Business Model
• Systematic Export Procedure

Banking Formalities in case of Export :

• Open Bank Account
• EXP formalities from Bank
• How to Prepare Export Documents/Shipping Documents
• Shipping Documents Negotiation
• Proceed realization through Bank

Customs Formalities and Shipping/Forwarding consignment in case of export :

• Available Shipping lines & freight forwarders selection and management
• Types of Exportable Items and Its Packing
• Bargaining the Freight
• Selection of Perfect HS.Code
• Export cost calculation
• Checking Restriction of items as per Export Policy of GOB
• Appropriate Inco term usages for export transportation
• Preparing the Export documents
• Banking Formalities –Export Documents Negotiation
• C&F agent selection and management
• Manage Customs Authority
• PSI & Post shipment inspection

A to Z customs formalities and necessary arrangement for shipping/forwarding consignment in case of export

Import Business Management:

• Import Business Model
• Systematic Import Procedure

Banking Formalities in the case of Import:

• Open Bank Account
• IMP formalities from Bank
• L/C opening Procedure
• Types of L/C
• Shipping Documents release from Bank
• Import payment through Bank

Customs formalities and Clearing consignment in the case of import :

• Available Shipping lines & freight forwarders selection and management
• Types of Importable items and Its Packing
• Bargaining freight (FOB Import)
• Checking the H.S.Code
• Checking restriction of items as per Import Policy of GOB
• Landed cost calculation
• Necessary Import documents
• Import Documents Release
• Tariff classification, rate of duties and taxes
• C&F agent selection and management
• PSI & post shipment inspection
• Manage Customs Authority
• A to Z customs formalities and clearing consignment in the case of import
• Learning Check