Microsoft Excel for Bankers

Microsoft Excel for Bankers
Banking industry requires highest level of Microsoft Excel proficiency. Banking departments like Finance, Accounts, Risk, Credit, Sales, Marketing, Project, Operations, HR, Compliance, Reporting, MIS, Product, Research, Technology etc. demand good command on Excel. It will be an advantage for course attendees to learn practical and advanced usages of Excel for their daily BAU activities.
Contents of Training:



Keyboard Shortcuts

Sort, Filter and Advanced Filter
Sort numbers and words with single or multiple columns(level)
Text and Number filters with Fuzzy Match, Top 10 and above average items
Date filtering with Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters and Years
Filter by cell Background color or Font color

Working with Chart Components (Axis, Categories, Series, Legend)
Resizing, Moving and Copying Charts
Formatting and Styling Charts with 2D, 3D and Round effect
Using multiple combination chart types in a single chart
Creating Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area and Scatter Charts

Arranging Pivot Fields in Report Layouts (Row Label, Column Label, Values)
Grouping and comparing Dates by Month, Year, Quarter and Days
Working with Report Filter options
Subtotalling and Counting data using pivot table
Analyzing Difference, Growth and % of Total with pivot
Working with Subtotal, Row Total and Grand Total options
Generate multiple sub-report pages from master report
Formatting Number, Date and Text
Time saving tips for pivots with large data source

Functions (Math)
Summarize data with SUM and AVERAGE function
Counting total numbers or texts with COUNT-COUNTA function
Finding smallest and largest values with MIN- MAX function
Rounding decimal numbers

Functions (Text and String)
Convert texts to UPPER, LOWER or PROPER case
Join multiple cell values with CONCATENATE – &
Break or extract a portion of text with LEFT-MID-RIGHT function
Finding total number of characters in a text

Functions (Lookup)
Lookup vertically using VLOOKUP

Functions (Date)
Construct a Date from partial Day, Month and Year values
Automatically update and show today’s Date
Convert month number into month name
Calculate Addition and Difference between two Dates
Show the Weekday Name of a Date

FlashFill to fill out data based on an example or pattern
Powerful Auto Fill Handle techniques for Numbers and Dates
Technique for Running Total or Cumulative Total