Self-Development Skill for Commercial & Supply Chain Professional


This training is designed to make and build up the professional capacity on how to execute the jobs of the most important wing of the company – “Commercial & Procurement Sectors”. Present business world, Commercial & Procurement professionals are required to not only possess skills in the area of Commercial & Procurement wing, but they are required to be acquire knowledge and have the expertise in areas such as Banking, Customs, supply chain management, and decision making, Foreign Procurement Etc.The trainers will take on a practical and case based approach to be a capable of efficient Commercial & Procurement Manager. As a result, at the end of this training, participants will be an even more valuable and capable to improve the overall business performance of the organization. Corporate / Organizations in Bangladesh are ready to provide a high remuneration to prospective employees who have vast knowledge in the Commercial & Procurement Sectors.


Exercise, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

1. Sources of business information
2. Documents for Importers & Exporters
3. Sourcing of Sellers & Buyers
4. How to issue P /I, Sales Contract
5. TT Payment & International Payment Methods
6. FOB, CFR, CIF, CPT Etc…………
7. Advantages & Disadvantages of L/C
8. Practical exercise on L/C
9. UPAS L/C & L/C at sight
10. Back to back L/C & Master L/C
11. Insurance cover note & insurance policy
12. L/C amendment Process
13. Preparation of shipping documents
14. Communication with foreign suppliers/ Principals
15. Preparing correct invoice & packing list
16. Air freight & Sea freight calculation
17. Negotiation with sellers & buyers
18. Export – import documentation
19. Potential foreign suppliers & buyers
20. Selection of H.S code & SWIFT code
21. Cost calculation for Import & Export
22. Customs documents preparation
23. C & F agent charges
24. Bill of Entry & Bill of Export
25. GSP Benefit
26. Customs Clearance process
27. Sample import & export process
28. Gift items import & export process
30. References of related books & links
31. Handbook Revision
32. Commercial problems solution
33. Questions & Answers