Top Designer

We are continuing to celebrate Topcoder Design Month by launching 2 LUX (Live User Experience) Challenges starting Monday, May 22!. Remember we are also giving away an all-expenses-paid trip to the TCO17 Indonesia Regional Design Event to the designer who wins the most TCO points in May. You now have 2 LUX challenges (with a huge amount of points) to get you closer to winning that trip!

I will be LIVE onsite starting May 22 with our customer John Hancock hosting a design workshop and showcasing your mobile design concepts over the 48 hours that we are running these 2 LUX challenges. I will be presenting and driving design feedback and discussions focused on the solutions you submit to the challenge.

Everyone should take a look at the LUX challenges and give them a try. LUX challenges are a great way to test your rapid design and concept skills! It is a bit wild and crazy to try and run 2 LUX challenges at the same time… but it is also a great way for Topcoder to provide double the prizes, double the feedback and a lot of potential Topcoder Open (TCO) points!

LUX Challenges are focused on 7 application screens and a presentation screen where the goal is to showcase your creative talent and concepts for John Hancock. With two challenges running not everyone can compete in both so this opens up the opportunities for more winners!